... and that’s exactly what it looks like from the outside,
somebody’s home with tables and chairs set out on its
patio. Great for early morning coffee or late night drinks, while enjoying a great selection of Jazz inspired Soul.


You can’t miss this bar it has a great big fountain outside, 
hence the name. You can lounge in the chairs on the bars
terrace throughout the day and into the early hours while
indulging in craft cocktails, cold draught beers, snacks, coffees, milkshakes and a range of ice cream.

Panos and the team at Sweet House have been delighting
clientele with savoury and sweet crêpes, pastries and 
pies for many years. This season they are adding to the 
already busy menu a range of affordable gourmet burgers 
and a choice of fresh pasta dishes


If you're in Kokkinia Resort, Cavos, Corfu

for Summer Breeze soul week check out our survival guide to the best restaurants, bars and places to chill out when you're not off dancing to your favourite DJ. There's plenty to explore outside of ​what's on your wristband...


You’ll notice that Likourgos is right next door to the daily 
pool parties. What you should also know is that by night this 
family run restaurant serves great local dishes and world 
cuisine al fresco in tranquil settings, located on one of the prettiest shorelines in Southern Corfu with a great view of mainland Greece. The locals use this restaurant a lot, a testament in itself.

''PULSE''Main Street, Kokinia, 490 80, Corfu, Greece
The menu might be obvious but if it’s an unassuming low
priced option your looking for you this may be the place for
you. Crepes with healthy fillings, fresh Juices, breakfast’s 
and burgers, jacket potatoes, pasta dishes, pizza, baguettes 
and pub favourites including steaks and chicken dishes are 
served all day long at this friendly well kept cafe bar that 
transform into a sports bar as the day continues

''LOLAS''Main Street, Kokinia, 490 80, Corfu, Greece
There are several places where you can eat late at night as
you make you way back to your hotel, so the choice is yours.
Lola’s has been the meeting place for hungry staff these last 
few years. The gyros and souvlaki are a great way to fill up.
We know it as Lola’s though what the actual name is we are not sure. It’s usually late at night when we follow the crowd there.

With 500 guests attending this year when it comes to breakfast we recommend eating at your hotel before coming down to the daily pool parties.

While the music starts poolside at 12:00am it's a chilled out soulful affair until 5pm - 7pm which gives you plenty time to get yourself ready for another day of partying.

All the bars and restaurants listed on this page come recommend by visitors to Summer Breeze Soul Week over the last ten years. We listen and make notes. It’s not a definitive selection of all that’s on offer and there are a great many more restaurants and bars to be found, including some excellent taverna's on Main Street. The easiest option is to ask others that are returning this year or visit wherever takes your fancy. 

''​FALCONERA'' Kokinia Beach, 490 80, Corfu, Greece
Falconera, is a beach side restaurant that has an identity of its own. The majority of the produce is sourced from local farmers, while the fish is sourced daily. The restaurant offers a selection of fish dishes, Greek and international cuisine in its gardened terrace over looking the beach with an outstanding view mainland Greece.

''THE STEAK HOUSE''Main Street, 490 80, Corfu, Greece
Named Kokinia’s best steak house and rightly so. Basically the food is amazing. Drool over luscious options like the Jack Daniels sirlion, the chicken and rib platter or whatever may take your fancy from the numerous dishes on offer. You may have to book in advance.

''THE GOLDEN COURSER''Main Street, 490 80, Corfu, Greece
Chinese cuisine with  a tremendous range of flavors and styles cooked by chef,

Mr. Wu, who works his magic seven nights a week at Kokinia’s main Chinese restaurant.

''OVEN PUB''Main Street, 490 80, Corfu, Greece
A pizziera that’s serves a range of Italian, Mediterranean and Greek Dishes.

Known locally for its olive wood fired oven cooked pizza selection.

''KONSTANTINA''Konstantina Apts. 490 80, Corfu, Greece
Fine dining with an excellent selection of local and world dishes including mousaka, souvlaki, stiffado and chicken dishes which are all great tasting. This hidden retreat serves food al fresco in a relaxing and tranquil setting.



''FLAMES'' 490 80, Corfu, Greece
Flames is open throughout the day with a menu selling a variety of home cooked dishes. It's a great place to pop in for breakfast, lunch or late evening dining.

''GREEK TAVERNAS'' Main Street 490 80, Corfu, Greece

There are several Greek Taverna's to be found around the resort selling a variety of traditional Greek and international cuisine. Three of the most visited are grouped together on Main street.''Aristos'', ''Pavlos'' and ''Terry's'' offer a wide range of Meze, Grilled Meat, Fish or Steak dishes, and also a selection of Pizza and pasta dishes. All come reasonably priced, served in healthy portions.