Gallery 2017

''Boogie Boat Party & Island Beach BBQ'' | 10.30am ~ 6pm

an Ionian sea cruise to mainland Greece for a fun fueled day of partying to the soulful vibes of the Summer Breeze Soul Week DJs. The day out includes a beach BBQ, champagne dive and a chance to swim in the crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon

Gallery 2017

When The Sun Goes Down! | 10pm ~ 2am

Summer Breeze Soul Week has 7 nights of entertainment with DJs and live acts, including 'Soul on the Terrace @ Falconera',  the 'Soul:Bar', the 'Black & White party @ Bamboo', a themed Fancy Dress Friday night out and much more.  

Gallery 2017

​The Summer Breeze gallery contains photos of the Event, the Location and the Venues

​Poolside Gallery | daily beach-side pool parties with DJs from 11am ~ 6pm

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