On Thursday 13th June we have planned a trip to the nearby islands of Paxos and Anti-Paxos. Why not join the staff and DJs on this excursion to what has become known in recent years as ''Millionaire's Paradise''.  It's a great day out and a chance to relax after a week of partying. The trip comes at a discounted price of £35. Tickets can be purchased at the Summer Breeze office in Corfu.

The trip will include a stop off in Anti Paxos. Where you can swim in the crystal clear waters or just sit back and enjoy the scenery with a cold drink. We then sail to Gaios, the capital town of Paxos. Known more recently as millionaires’ paradise, place of the rich and famous. A bustling little town, filled with shops, bars and some excellent restaurants. There will be plenty of time for shopping opportunities; including gifts or souvenir’s made on the island. 

​It’s an excellent day out, with plenty of time for a few drinks and food together. There is on an board bar and the trip will have a Soulful soundtrack of all your Summer Breeze favourites...