Summer Breeze the number one Soul Holiday

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Gallery 2019

''TRACY HAMLIN Live @ Bamboo'' | 10pm ~ 2am
' 'Tracy Hamlin wow'd the crowd with a superb live set. DJs Dennis O'Brien, James Anthony, Norman Halley and DJ 'S' entertained a packed dancefloor until the lights came on at our open air beachside arena of choice

Gallery 2019 #3

SOUL:Soiree @ Chandris | 10pm - 2am

The SOUL:soiree ia night of glamour with a champagne reception. One of our regular themed nights, 2019 saw DJs George Kay, Andrea Robertson and Sandra C all performing deck duties. 2019's live Tuesday night PA was performed by the excellent award winning UK soulstress, Natasha Watts. 

Gallery 2019

''SOUL TERRACE #2 @ Falconera'' | 10pm ~ 2am

''DJs Bob Masters, Simon Van Os, Steve Lane, Richard Lobban, Keith Stewart and Sam Green entertained us between the two open air terraced areas. Terrace 1 was Soulful House and club classics with Terrace 2 supplying the anthems.